pasta and fried potatoes

From what people told me, Singapore is a place where everyone who’s anyone with any sort of preference can eat. Being a vegetarian I must say, I had to eat rice and noodles cooked in chicken stew. It’s just a way of adding flavor to the food and I must say it does taste good, but I am not such a big fan of eating animals or insects of any sort. I think they look more graceful and beautiful alive.

While in Singapore a group of us went to the night safari thing they have there. The whole trip was so very confusing because I could hazily see any of the animals because it was a ‘night’ safari. Lala from our group is very much found of animals and she was saying her daughter is crazy about them. Her daughter has a pink pig for pet, which i though was really cool. However I do not understand why she eats them. She has this thing about trying out all sort of different menu (basically cooked/uncooked/half cooked animals and insects) while she’s alive. I wonder how the pet pig feels about this. One can only imagine.

Back home we have this saying ‘a yak dies to be born as the yak herder and the yak herder dies to be born as a yak’. Basically the circle never ends.

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