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Just few seconds ago, I deleted four of my old blogs which i hardly blog these days, being; "aswethinkweiz" - collection of my so called free verse & poetry, "somesorttart" - where i posted my so called photography, "the art of tshering choden" - where i posted my sister's amazing art work and "a live less lived" - where i wrote 52 chapters of something particularly about nothing (its inspiring to imagine that your life is more interesting than it really is). I think today is a pretty good day to start something new, like this new blog. A lot of things have happened to me since I stopped writing. I got married, had myself a beautiful son. Life can’t be any good than it is now. So this blog will be basically about every other thing in this so called ‘my life’.

Up there is a picture i took on the Santosa trip. The whole thing made me feel like watching a 3-D animation without any story as such and I was marveled by the fact that hologram was actually not the only possibility in star track movies. If my son was five or a little older than that, he would have enjoyed coming to this place. I really couldn't fully enjoy the whole thing, thinking i couldn't share the experience with my son. Anyways it was also something to see the performers trying to bring out enthusiasm from the crowd who neither applauded nor awed.

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Benoit Pascal said...

Thanks for the comments on my flower photos, I'm glad you liked 'em!

tchoden said...

no problemo!!!

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