12 Angry Men

There was a time when I use to watch four to five movies in a day. But now I don’t even have the patient to see one movie though. The latest movie I watched was ‘Horton’. I am bit of a fanatic when it comes to animation. I think anime need not necessarily be enjoyed by kids, it can be enjoyed by adult as wells. That’s what I say these days since I am in my late twenties.

Of late I have been watching Miyazaki’s creations. For those of you who don’t know who Miyazaki is, he’s the creator of animation such as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. What I like about his work is his way of telling stories in them and how he always draws on female characters to tell his stories.

One of the good movies I’ve watched in a long time is 12 Angry Men. Directed by Sidney Lumet in 1957, the main character is played by Henry Fonda. Now 1950s was the time when rest of the movies were made in colour and there was huge attraction for it. However this movie was purposely shot in BW.

The story begins after the closing argument has been presented on a murder case. The 12 jury enters a room. They are to unanimously agree on the final verdict. One would feel that watching the 12 guys in a room throughout the movie would be droning but its not. After watching movies like these, you feel ignominy for all the huge budgeted movies and blockbuster. What a movie needs is simplicity and a good story.

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The Zombieslayer said...

I've seen Princess Mononoke which was great but I've never seen Howl's Moving Castle. They have a book at Barnes and Noodle (the big book store here, it's actually called Barnes and Noble but I like calling it the other name instead) on the animation from Howl's Moving Castle and it's very impressive.

Haven't seen 12 Angry Men yet.

tchoden said...

You should watch 12 angry men, i am sure you'll love it.
I've seen almost 70% of Miyazaki's work. They are great.

Anonymous said...

ana i got howl's movin castle but it din hav english subtitles... all jap.. still the i watched it.. then i got the script downloaded from da web and watched it till the umpteenth time... ha ha.. was great. couldn't get the book though...

tchoden said...

ah! that's good news.
I get to watch it in June.
I'll download the script right away.

The Zombieslayer said...

OK. I'll add it to my queue of movies to watch.

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