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Have you met people who talk to you with big surprises? Like when you say ‘oh hi, I’m from this place called this’, and they go ‘OOHHHH WOOW realllllllllllllllllllly, WOWWWWWWWWW that’s AAAMMAAZING’, and they won’t stop wowing on every thing you say. I’ve particularly noticed that about people from the west. I once met a lady from Holland who was traveling in the same bus as me and she talked all the way to our trip like that.

The things about people talking like that is, it makes you feel very funny. Funny in a sense that it either makes you feel dull or very silent even when you are talking. And when you notice that the other person does start to talk normally, its make you feel that s/he is bored. Anyways nothing against people talking like that, but it is annoying after sometime cause it really can’t be possible that everything coming out of your mouth is that shocking.

Yesterday I was watching Zay Harding’s trekking in Vietnam and Laos on Globe Trekker. I was so happy with his presentation that I googled the guy, only to find out that he was or is an X- rated movie star. Not that it matters, because he is really good at hosting travel show. Humor, modesty and wit, he’s got it all. Once again the show ended with him taking off his top (this time on an elephant), not that we the women species complain.

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Christ said...

Hehe, that is so true. I once met a Aussy like that.
I love Zay Harding too, but didn't know he does those x-rated stuff. Quite hard to believe actually but considering the fact that he takes off his top every now and then, umm!! secound though!

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