It is very difficult working under bosses who cannot see things the way you do. And it’s much difficult working with bosses who are intellectually a little behind than you because half of the time you are explaining to them but still they don’t get it. Just few minutes ago, I presented a figure (it’s very simple if you ask me because every thing is there with all the other tiny details) but my boss already has a headache. I am explaining this is like this and that is that. Since he doesn’t understand, I am asked to explain directly to his boss, who if you ask me as an ass, because he losses his temper for no good reason and thinks he is always right.

So I went to his chamber and presented him with the figures. By the look of his face, I can tell he is already confused and will not want to be understood though I explain. It’s like he’s already getting a headache. Gee! It’s not like I’ve done the math using calculus. Anyways I am asked to make it in a simpler form.

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Zombieslayer said...

I guess I've been lucky. My current boss is a great guy. I haven't had too many bosses that were stupid or slow, or know-it-alls since going into software.

But in previous occupations, yes. I remember having some real dumb ones. I hate having to explain something several times, and making it easier and easier until they get it.

tchoden said...

my earlier boss was a real smart ass. He was one awesome and dynamic guy. He's now the leader of our opposition.

But the one i have at the moment, is nice and all that but kindda slow and lazy.

i guess things took an opposite turn of two of us.

The Zombieslayer said...

What do you mean the leader of the opposition?

tchoden said...

well i mean my earlier boss is now the head of the opposition in my country. So he's quite powerful you see. That's where wit and hard work can get anyone to.

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