Ugly Boss

Lately he (the big boss) has been making life difficult on everyone. As far as I know, the only problem I see is him. Remove him from our work equation, and viola! You’ll see productivity.

There was this rumors that he’s planning to put CCTV in our workplaces (the one you see in the supermarket and banks, where the manager is constantly peeking if customer are picking anything from the rack without paying). That time I thought it was an exaggeration of his malevolence but now this has become a reality for us. I constantly see my colleagues breaking down into tears because he is such an ass. Next time I see him, I’ll let him know he is an ass, big one.

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Christ said...

Few years ago, i use to have the same problem. We made enough voice for, finally someone heard and did something about it. So ya, you should let him know.

Pem said...

good god!

tchoden said...

christ - I WILL, I Will, i will...hehe

pem - yup! You can say that.

christ said...

And i love Miyazaki. His son, Goro Miyazaki is also into animation but he got the worst director and story award for his first work 'Tales of Earthsea'.

He is a starter, so i am sure he will do as good as his father.
Few French animation are also awesome. Hollywood anime are always funny but i like good stories better than humour.

tchoden said...

christ - me too.
Watched 'tales of earthsea' yesterday ssince you mentioned. It kindda slow... since Goro is starter like you said, i suppose he'll do much better later on.

'Triplets of Bellville' is one of the good french anime i watched...Love the part where they eat frogs for every

The Zombieslayer said...

Can you go above him? If he's making everyone miserable, maybe he should be talked to.

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