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These days, I’m doing an online course with my university on Governance and Political Science. Apparently the course is designed for those who don’t have much know-how about the subject.

This week we are suppose to discuss the first case. I download two reference materials from the site and tried reading them this weekend. They are so boring and I can’t really understand what the two authors are trying to say as they are drawing up somany references and hardly saying anything about them. I ended up reading the same pages over and over again without realizing I’ve already read them. I’ve even slept twice though the reading despite my skipping the lunch. So you can comprehend how boring it is.

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tommas said...

that happens to me all the time. I open up a book and i end up reading the same page more than once. Happens mostly in mandatory readings.

Bhutanese Blogger said...

Case after case can make you go numb. You will get used to readings. Enjoy

The Zombieslayer said...

I would never take that course online. If you have a dynamic Professor, it would be interesting. But if you have a boring Professor, it would be horribly boring. Online, it's like having a boring Professor.

tchoden said...

Tommas: that, we have in common:)

BB: i hope so!

ZS: Well the actual study begins in sep. I did happen to take online economic with the same university and that i found quite interesting. Lots of self learning. This is ok, but the references are totally boring, no matter who wrote it.

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