A bad case of cold and work

My parents have this habit of bragging that they never had to take us to hospital when we were little. Basically none of us three had any serious illness that couldn’t be treated at home with the indigenous medical expertise of my mom. Now as I get older, it’s comical to see a fever make me bed ridden for days. The fever probably came from the cold I got from my son, as a result of which my tonsil really hurts at the moment.

And while I am it I hate people who complain about what they are paid to do. I’ve noticed that people who complain are the ones who really do nothing at all. These people deserve to be kicked in their butt and thrown out of work. Frankly, they do noone any good. The thing about these people is that, they don’t have the capacity to take positive criticism but would rather mess-up up the minds of people who are working really hard. Taking about work place, did I mention how much I hate the BB. I just met him few minutes ago, I was just scribbling ‘f*** you old man’ on my notepad while he went on blab blab…. His constant complements don’t mean much to me, I doubt if he means them at all. What do I care if he got a red scarf. And I still haven’t put up the courage to call him an ass yet but I will one day, because he is and he sure deserves to know that.

I’ve been working worst than a donkey lately, the only time I get to read is when I am doing my thing in the toilet. I probably sound like a complain box but this is the last time I will, cause the place I work at is becoming more and more gloom. People around me fight for silliest reason and all the good people are leaving for greener pasture. Of course it doesn’t matter as long as I do the things I do, and I do them great. But it’s only human to have humanely interaction and in process, it does bring you down.

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The Zombieslayer said...

And while I am it I hate people who complain about what they are paid to do. I’ve noticed that people who complain are the ones who really do nothing at all.

You know why? It's guilt. They complain because they're guilty about not doing anything productive and deep down inside, they know it.

tchoden said...

well that explains everything. My BB got a very bad energy, i feel so angry at work these days. Usually i am a really happy person but now he is really gettin on to me like a sick sick thing.

christ said...

i feel sorry for you. I Hope you get a better BB next time. This one really seem to suck big time like you said.

tchoden said...

Nways i am learning to put theory to test.

Bhutanese Blogger said...

I totally commiserate with you on this.

Whatever, suspend your assumptions. Find out what your BB's assumptions are. Clarify the objectives..

Have a look at "difficult conversations; how to discuss what matters most." by Stone et. al.

Go to work with a different perspective, you will look forward to it and even do greater things.

fuzZy shaDe said...

the worst hospital experience that i recollect is the day when you had to get the stitches near your eyes when we were little... you were so damn cool about it ha ha...love you so much.... muuuuaaaah!!!!

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