Room in Maastricht

Gee! Finding a room is Maastricht is a big headache as far as I am concern. I’ve been using but so far it has not been of much help to me. I’ve put 20 application and 18 are rejected. I am sure the other two will be rejected as well. I am done for if I don’t find one by end of August.

On a positive note, I though I’ll share a picture I took this weekend (from my home). Nothing much with me these days, but same old things happening again.

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Anonymous said...

gee the wire in the sky...still there... i miss the bloody sky.

The Zombieslayer said...

A clean sky. Much nicer than the skies we see here.

Good luck finding a room, and enjoy the Netherlands. The Dutch are some of my favorite people. Genuinely nice.

tchoden said...

anony: yup!!still there

ZS: i got a got finally...cost me 310 a month but i yet to see if its worth it. My landlady seems like a really nice person, calls herself my grandmother cause she got two kids at their 40s. WEll i hope they are nice cause i'll be there for a year.

The Zombieslayer said...


Yes, they are really nice people. You'll get along great there. From my experience, I'd say the Thais and the Dutch are the nicest people I've encountered.

david santos said...

Have a nice week.

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