Long Goodbye

Early this morning I had to say goodbye to my eighteen months old son. He was still sleeping while I got dressed at six in the morning and had an early breakfast. Time was running out so quickly I don’t feel much like going for my studies though it seemed like a pretty good idea at first.

So the time came and I kissed him goodbye for the whole 365 day while he is sleeping cool and calm in his bed (probably dreaming waking up with his mother by his side).
I just couldn’t stop crying when I left his room. It is just so hard.

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fuzZy shaDe said...

i think you meant to say 18 months old there sis... he he not 18 years old... Muah! Love you loads!

tchoden said...

luv ya tooo:)

Anonymous said...

ana' don worry 'bout sonam... he's got da greatest, bestest grandparents in the world... *_*
luv ya.

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