Here i am in Maastrich. It has been few days since i came. Well i think that my body has perfectly adjusted to the weather here because my cold is now getting a lot better. The weather is almost as same as back home but walking the streets here is very pleasant since its neither going up nor down. Considering the fact that Thimphu is almost two to three thousand meter above the sea level and Maastricht is almost at sea level, its amusing to see a familiar sort of weather.

I had my tutorial. Its was ok. I guess i have too much expectation for the first day. People studying here are so very young. Even so, it seems like everyone wants to have a PhD before they get into a job. This morning i was telling this guy that we spend almost one third or more of our life in class room. Aren’t there any other things important in life besides education? Of course when i say education, i am talking about the class room sort of learning. i suppose one could very well ask weather education is really important to be a better person. It seems quite important to look better though. Sometimes i feel that the way we do things and the way we impose certain unwritten norms just makes life too complicated.

Anyway i am far from what i was thinking first. As of now, things are going good. I am very surprised to know that all Dutch people i've met know more or less about where i come from. I am also surprised to see people eager to meet me. I probably ended up disappointing to their expectation since I am someone who can camouflage in anywhere.

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Bhutanese Blogger said...

what does camouflage in mean?

tchoden said...

easily fit me... well that's what i meant!!

The Zombieslayer said...

The Dutch are quite smart as people. I hope you're finding them as nice as I found them.

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