back from dinner but rather hungry

Today i was invited by a Nigerian friend for dinner. She turns 50 today. It was good to get out of my solitude and the prospect of eating something other than my own cooking seemed great. But turns out all the food in the table were non-veg (apparently they eat only meat). So here i am, back home, rather hungry, eating noodles again. Even my ears hurt from all the loud conversations the men were having about how a typical African guy controls his woman and how her place is in the kitchen, which of course I do not agree at all. But I don’t think I said anything because my voice was drowned in those really loud conversations. Sometimes the more I know about the rest of the world, the more I am glad to be from where I am from.

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The Zombieslayer said...

Yes, heard the same thing from my Nigerian co-workers. I try not to argue. Don't even want a part of that.

tchoden said...

haha... ya it was the same with me. But they seem to make a good argument amoung

Lobxang said...

Times have changed. I think it's the other way round in Bhutan :)

tchoden said...

haha...sometimes i think i brag too much about the way things are back home. But i seriously think we are so liberal when it comes to so many things.

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