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I am back from another weird lunch invitation. The reason why it was weird is because i don't think i ate anything except for some salted cashew nuts. I guess i have to apprehend with the fact that i am on the other side of the globe and a lunch invitation does not necessarily include eating.

Well the days are running out and i need to work diligently towards my thesis proposal. The thing is that there is so much to write about and i am not too sure if the topic i choose is a good one. I guess I’ll have to stick to it and stop doing other things. Here is a plan intend to keep by the end of holiday, 'make up my mind'.

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Bhutanese Blogger said...
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Bhutanese Blogger said...

I suggest you go without any assumptions or expectations when you are invited for a lunch. Then you wouldn't find it weird or different.

have a good day


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