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Today I said goodbye to my flat mates and wish them a wonderful holiday ahead. They leave for holiday and so here I am home alone. Not that I didn’t have plans to go somewhere but somehow I cannot due to some technical stuff which I rather not talk about. It would be nice to take the risk and just go somewhere but then again I don’t want to be thrown in some European penitentiary. It’s a long holiday ahead of me and by the end of it I plan to have some major work done on my masters’ thesis. For now I feel pretty happy to have to whole house for myself and I want to see how I handle two week of solitude. I think if a person can handle being alone, he can pretty much handle anything. Not that this is a new experience for me. I think sometimes I just get too sick of being surrounded by people that I rather enjoy being alone. You feel like you have so much time in hand. But then again what is beautiful about this life is human interaction. It is the cause for happiness, love, pain, suffering, jealousy, compassion and every other thing, unless one wants to refrain from feeling all these emotions.
This is a really small town and each day you see people draining out to some other places. I guess during the holidays, the whole town will be empty.

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