i am a happy vegetarian

People ask me if i am a vegetarian because i am a Buddhist. Well it’s nothing like that, it’s just the thought of eating something that lived is kindda hard to comprehend, especially if you are eating an animal you love. Of course i am not crazy about animal and I've never had a pet except for cat and i am not so crazy about them either. I think I’ve been a vegetarian as long as i can remember. My parent tells me that i use to get really sick when i ate meat so i was asked not to eat any. During my teenage years i did try eating meat but i think it was something i did out of curiosity and the fact that i was no longer getting sick when i had them. But I think I feel much cleaner (my digestive system) when I don’t eat meat. The thing is why can't we just live and let live. It’s amazing that people can eat a species to an extent that it becomes extent from the face of the earth.

Last time when I was at delft, my host was making a chicken stew. She was basically making a dish out of chicken hearts (and those were really beautiful tiny hearts). I think there was hundred or more of it. She was saying that slaughter houses usually throw them away as waste. Its not that I have anything against people who are non-veg for my husband is as non-veg as a person can get. It’s funny that when we were going out, the fact that I was a vegetarian was a bit of a concern for him.

I’ve also this crazy or rather stupid thing about not eating honey. I’ve never tasted honey my life except every recently and that to by accident. My house owner (who’s at her early 70s and loves classical music) invited me over to eat like she always do. She cut a brown bread for me and spread jam over it (at least that’s what I thought). But later when I had a mouthful of it she was kind enough to inform me that it was honey. When I told her I don’t eat honey, she was basically amused and though I was stupid (i don't blame her for thinking that way). She said honey is 'medicine from the nature' and was good for my health. But I told her how I felt. Imagine someone working day and night to earn $100 and later someone comes along and takes away that hard earned cash. Well how would that person feel? Of course I am not trying to sound so melodramatic and no one knows for sure how the bee feels but I choose to do things that makes me feel happy and i think that's what's important.

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