lucky for 2nd time

‘Be mindful’ that’s what Buddha said. If only I had been mindful I would not have lost my purse for the second time. I have my passport, my student card and everything there. It would have been a big headache if I did not get it back. The first time it was my phone and the bank card. It was a reckless night of total mindlessness. Today obviously something else has been bugging my mind so I didn’t even think of putting my purse back after paying for the lunch. Lucky for me I get it back for the second time.
I imagined the worse things when I was heading to the art cafeteria to see if they had it. Someone was nice enough to drop it at the secretariat. Here is my big heartfelt thanks to the person who left if there (OOO). People like you make this world worthwhile and as for me, this is the last time i lose any of my belonging (seriously!).

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