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Well there is this old saying ‘don’t repeat the same mistake twice’ or something like that, I can’t exactly remember. For now, I can’t really understand what’s making a mistake anyway. And how do you know for sure if something you’ve done, despite the fact that it makes you happy should be labeled as a ‘mistake’. Someone once told me that the smartest person is the least happy and the happiest ones are not necessarily the smartest. To really think about it, I think it’s true. When you are smart, you always have your head telling you gazillion things like do this and be like that. To think about it, I think the reason why people drink so much is so that they can be stupid and do things that actually make them happy. Not that I recommend anyone to get drunk and be stupid. I think the things that you do when you are saner are the once that makes you the happiest in long run. But what is being happy anyways?

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