I think i am really bad with making decision. Sometimes i am so sure of what i want but most of the time it takes just too much time. For now i got to decide weather i want to do 'Risk and Uncertainty' or 'Economics of Welfare State'. ummmmmm... tough decision:(

I think i am really growing to like this band...Gem, they were rocking last time. Oh! i've already said that.

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On the lighter note, yesterday I went with one of my roommates to watch an Indi Rock concert. The band is called ‘Gem'. They are from Utrecht and was founded in 2003. Their new hit single ' she said', 'look' and others were played during the concert.  A very energetic band with good melody.

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Beautiful World

Some pictures i took very recently. The world is a beautiful place and you can see it in moments and places like these.

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I had a wonderful birthday. I got these flowers from two good friends (who are newly in love). Come to think about it, my husband never got me flowers (when we were 'going out'). When i told him that he never got em for me, he wouldn't agree (like always). I don't argue, i let him win like always:) but come to think about it, he did get me couple of roses.

My roomies got me something to make soup with. It’s a machine that powers the dish and its awesome. I don't remember getting anything sensible for my bd from anyone. Since i'm the oldest in this apartment, i've been referred to as the 'mother' figure. Not that i mind, but i guess the way you look at everything and anything changes once you have a child of your own.

The funny thing is I also get 12 free movie tickets from the bank with one year validity. Well I guess nice things happens to nice people:)

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