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I think i am full of rubbish for doing what i did. It's something that makes you scream in shame and it’s something i have to put to an end. The funny thing is when you tell yourself, ok i am not doing this or i am not doing that, the thought of that certain thing is always in your head. The more you try not to think about it, to more you end up thinking about it. So what is the solution when you don't want to do something? Well i guess i'll never know but one thing is for sure, i am definitely not doing what i did. I've already taken measures starting from now and also i have this page to remind me to keep myself straight, focused and sane.

Well its weekend and i got exercises from six chapters of econometrics. Sometimes the thing that i am learning here does not make much sense. The whole idea is that i can use whatever i have learned when i head back home. One useful thing that I’ve learned so far is STATA. It’s an amazing programme and i just love it. Despite the fact that i've never heard of it before i think i am doing pretty good and there are people here who knows nothing much about it. Anyways i've learned that geeks here are pretty snobbish, in a sense that they tend to put other people down quite a lot (i can't understand the thing about them wearing glasses). I am friends with most of them but i think i certainly don't like the way they are when it comes to thinking they know it all. Most of the time they are full of rubbish and they tend to be too stubborn on their thinking. I could try to convince them otherwise but their minds are pretty much made up. Anyways one day (probably when they are at their 40s or 50s), they will realize how full of shit they were.

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Anonymous said...

You said it yourself in your earlier post that things you do are like a dreams. It doesn't have shape or form, so why should you scream in shame. Like you said move on.

bhutanese blogger said...

I see a conflict of cultures when you say Europeans are rubbish. That is what you think.But do you know what the others think? What do the Europeans think of you?

All of us come with our own assumptions of the world and our view is not necessarily the right view. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to suspend our assumptions and see things around us with an open mind.

tchoden said...

BB ::>> hey i don’t think you get what I am saying here so please spare me the judgment cause you don’t know me.
Nways this blog is kindda personal and i write things that's in my head so please excuse me if i offended you.

Anonymous said...

he he anna ........people are just too darned concerned about what the others think... when you had written spontaneously.. It makes no sense at a later date, but at that time, it felt right.
writing asap what you feel at a particular moment can contradict at other times. but people have sort of dissected and analysed things before they write stuff--- the don't get messed up.safer huh-- more substance, less grammer error( less spelling error...*hint hint*)
still there is this humor when you go through things you have written without much thinking... it's nice actually because other peoples' concern did not matter..

heart ya berry much *_*

( hey my word verification says 'bingu' .......hmmm wonder what that means in some strange tongue.)

Bhutanese Blogger said...

Apologies for encroaching on your personal blog. My comments were in good faith but I take them back.

I should have remembered the law of unintended consequences --

My apologies again and do keep posting.


tchoden said...

no problemo bb!!

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