Bhutan is facinating

The first thing anyone asks me when i tell them i am from Bhutan is if it's true that getting visa to Bhutan is very expensive and difficult. Apparently they have this misconception about how difficult it is to come to Bhutan.

Yesterday i had few friends come over for lunch. There was this German guy who was not very pleased with Bhutan's 'high value low volume’ tourism policy. Apparently he thinks he's the citizen of the world and that there should not be any barriers between him and where he wants to travel. He has this concept about global community and things like that. He actually came with a bag pack in our apartment. He even told us about his experience of travelling and meeting the masai herders of Tanzania and also something about how his travel there boosted the local industry. However, it’s good that the rest of the people on the table absolutely disagree with him

Well i tell him that the first reason why anyone wants to come to Bhutan is because of it unique culture and rich environment. Now if we don't have that, then we are like the rest of the world and how the policy is a measure to stop the deterioration. Somehow people here seem to be fascinated with where i come from. Not that I blame them because I am pretty fascinated to be where I am from. It’s not even the fact that our capital does not have street lights or the fact that our farmers feed marijuana to the pigs or the fact that television and internet came only in 1999 or the fact that we have acres and acres of untouched lands or the fact that there are only 650 thousand people living in it or the fact that we value happiness above all or the fact we have monarchs who're loved so much by the people (sorry for making you breathless), Bhutan is just fascinating in every possible dimension and I hope it continues to be that way.

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She Yo En said...

I am happy with our 'high value low volume' policy. It will allow Bhutan to preserve its cultural and traditional values, while at the same time increasing its revenue generation. I am confident Bhutan will continue to attract tourists and even if the volume is low, the value we get for it will be worth it. Things that are rare and unique cannot be easy to get or see. How many of us Bhutanese have been to the extreme north to see the 'blue poppy' blooming? Hardly, right?

I really do pray that we remain fascinating to ourselves and the world. You realize the value of your own country when you travel abroad, although at times our tendency is to complain and be dissatisfied about 'this and that' while you're inside.

tchoden said...

You are right, i cannot say that i have been to all parts of our country. There is so much to see and appriciate but you either take it for granted or don't make time for it.

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