It’s amusing to see 'the many ways' to distract ourselves evolve and transcend. With modernization I must say it’s becoming more and more difficult not to get distracted. Despite that, even the simplest thing can be the cause of distraction. For instance, I am not even hungry but I would end up going to the kitchen looking for something to eat. My room is clean but I would end up vacuuming it. Honestly I don’t know why I do the things that I do to waste time. You cannot even blame it on the object of distraction, because you're the one who decides.

Here I am sitting in front of my computer, looking at my empty mail boxes. My book for the next module, ‘Financing Social Protection’ is still left unopened. I’ve borrowed four other books from the library to read for this week but so far I have not. Instead I’ve let the so called ‘nothing box’ get hold of me.

Sometimes we just waste so much time. Well let’s say on an average a person lives for 60 years, which roughly calculates to 525,600 hrs (surprisingly not much). If this person sleeps on an average 8 hrs a day and spend 20 years on schooling, he would be left with 233,600 hrs (so what was the point of all this calculation), well the point is 233,600 hrs is a lot of time if I decided to spend it more cleverly. I could change the world if I wanted to. For now I close my laptop and open my books but its already 12:33 in the morning, so once again i say 'tomorrow'.

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She Yo En said...

How true! I find myself getting distracted by the tv. I know I have something very important to finish but I tend to procrastinate and seat myself in front of the tv. Then, when I'm done with whatever on tv I realize I could've refrained myself from watching tv when I actually had an important piece of work to finish. That's when regret sets in. No use 'cause time's lost. Gone. We realize, we regret, but we don't act on it. We tend to repeatedly forget that "time waits for none."

Lobxang said...

I read it somewhere that the fastest way to realize your dream is to wake up.

There is not so much space at the top to fit everyone. So, take your time and enjoy your journey up. (Nobody said it, I did)

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