The first time when I went to college, I was the happiest only because of one reason. I thought my days of sitting for examination were over. I don’t know how I got that naive idea but I’ll blame it on my many uncles. The things they use to tell me about that particular college I went to was fascinating. From what they said (about their experience), I assumed that a college was a place for one big fun and no more worries about examination. So despite travelling six hundred kilometers away from home and being in mids of fog and mist, I was the happiest. I guess no one could really understand the shock and disappointment on my face when I discovered otherwise.

Well here I am, done with college and done with my post-graduation diploma but still doing series of examination after examination. I finally comprehend with the fact that life is a never ending examination. It need not necessarily be the one you take in a classroom with series of questions to answer but with every other thing. Which reminds me I got another exam tomorrow. So wish me luck because I think I’ll need them.

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Tshering Tobgay said...

Good luck. And tashi delek, in advance, for successful graduating.

The Zombieslayer said...

Good luck.

I had no idea you finished Grad school. Wow. I'm a Grad school drop out. Never finished it.

Yeah, life is full of exams. All the time.

tchoden said...

Thank you very much:)

I think i did ok, thanks to your good wishes, it really helped.

sheyoen said...

My dear, even at age 43, u find yourself sitting for an examination for a job ....it never really ends....but the good thing is if you get through and win, then it's your victory. It makes u proud. Anything won through competition is really thrilling because it lets u know of your own capability. Sometimes, we don't know. Sometimes, nobody cares.
I think you have good spirit. Keep it up. That'll take you a long way...

tchoden said...

At this point of my life, i think its more about competing with my self and trying to bring out the best of me instead of competing with the external factors. I just have to push myself, cause most of the time i can get pretty lazy.

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