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Besides this I’ve started exploring the creative bit of me. I wish i was gifted with some sort of talent in music, art, photography or something. I don't suppose I have any but I think if i was i would have had so much to offer. Despite being clueless, I’ve started posting some photography on flicker and my so called artwork on deviartart. This has made me take my camera wherever i go. It’s not such a good one with only 4.1 mega pixel and optical zoom 3x. The pictures comes out blurry in the evening and it cannot capture motions. Despite all that i try to make the best out of it. I don't want to get a new one because this one is really close to my heart. It’s something my sister gave me on this really special occasion. So i would not trade it for anything, unless it got broken beyond repair.

I am also bit clueless about Photoshop. I know people who can do crazy stuff there and it sure is handy if you like photo and art manipulation. For now i use picasa 3 for all the picture manupulations. I don't really have a purpose for doing all this but for now its something i like.

photograph: 165 pieces of lentils on kitchen floor

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She Yo En said...

I think everybody does have a bit of creativity in them. How and when we recognize the creativity in us and make the most of it is really up to us. Sometimes, it takes a friend or a teacher to tell you. Sometimes, you discover it yourself. In places where creativity is encouraged, people's creative potential grows. In places where creativity is not encouraged, the potential dies down gradually.
I remember being quite good at drawing and painting as a little girl, but there was no one to encourage me so I grew up without any record of my own artwork and paintings. All I remember being encouraged to do in school is work work work or study study study.
Now, I make sure my children get all the encouragement from me. Both my sons love art work. They even gifted me with a piece of their art work on my recent birthday.

tchoden said...

i think you are right. Photography is definately something i enjoy doing these days.
And Happy Belated Birthday!!

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