I feel pretty homesick and depressed these days. I think I’ve been in this place too long. But i guess another six months would go by pretty quickly. ‘Time is relative’ so they say.

Today was the first day in school after a long holiday. Everyone was looking very pleased to see one another going 'hi, how are you, happy new year, how was the holidays…'. Something i just hate being around that sortta situation. Well if i talk about my holidays, it basically involved me getting up at noon, watching too much movies and basically doing nothing. Not that i complain but now that's over, i wish i would have worked more on my thesis, learned a bit of Japanese, travelled more or done something extraordinary. To cheer myself up, i met up with my friend and we went to watch a movie. Nothing like being with a good friend and having a good time. The world feels more merrier now.

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