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I’ve always been found of writing. Not the structural sort of writing but writing just for the sake or writing. I started keeping journal since high school (not something I do anymore). Going though the so called ‘teenage phase’ a lot of things go through your head. The emotion you feel are extreme and the world you see is a big messed up confusion. I was one confused person I must say, still am. Most of the time you cannot say the things that is going on in your head because there are no spoken words for it and also who do you tell these stuff to. Sometimes speaking is bit too overrated and I think some things are better said when it’s written down especially when it involves the maze in your head.

I think writing about things going on in my head was a big release for me. It was therapeutic because once it’s written down it’s no longer inside you but somewhere out there. When you write something down, it feels like someone or rather something is patiently listening to you and doesn't hold it against you. But the funny thing is I’d burn all those journals at the end of the year. One time I forgot to burn them, so I had four or five of them lying around in my parents’ house. Before setting the last of them on fire, I went through the pages of it and found out that my husband was the first to wish me on my 19th birthday.

artwork 'i don't do journals' by Kuchu

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sheyoen said...

u should continue your journal...i do..matbe not on an every day basis, though.
did u watch freedom writers? how powerful journals can be is seen in this movie...

tchoden said...

sounds like a good movie, i'll check it out:)

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