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A little while ago i spend some hours talking to my friend. Apparently he feels confused about having an affair with another girl. Despite the fact that he still loves his girlfriend, he went on doing what he did. Not that I blame him cause they’re having this thing called the ‘long distance relationship’ which is pretty common here. He is still friend with the other girl, who i might say is a wonderful person. He even avoids meeting her for the fear of doing something wrong again. Despite all that when he tells me about how he met his girlfriend nine or ten years ago, I think what they have is pretty strong.

In the past he was honest enough to tell her about his infidelity and no surprise she did not take it well. Even now things get heat up because she always tend to remind him of the certain wrong thing he did in the past whenever they have a fight. But I tell him not to tell her about the recent affair he’s had. I mean honestly, some things are better kept to yourself. I can’t understand why the past should hunt you anyways. The past has no shape or form. It’s only a memory and memories are like a dream. Unless one feels attached to the memory and makes a big deal out of it. He tells me he’s not crazy to do something as stupid as that.
I guess it’s pretty hard to forgive something like that once you know about it but I think people should move on anyways. Honestly human emotions are way too complicated.

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Anonymous said...

haha, i think its only a part of life to do what you do. Nothing is a mistake useless someone dies or gets hurt. Here, telling the GF would definately be a mistake cause it would hurt the thing they have now if its worth being kept.

Anonymous said...

i rather good advice if it something between only two people. So i agree, cause sometimes honesty is not the best policy.

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