Nyoshel Khen Rinpoche

Today i feel really happy because i came across this link on youtube. I have very fond memories of Nyoshel Khen Rinpoche who (when i was kid) use to live above our apartment. We use to live in this place where many of great Buddhist teachers were our neighbors. I remember him giving us sweets and other goodies whenever he saw us outside. My brother use to fake crying outside his window just so that he would get something. He was also my teacher. Nyoshel Khen is an embodiment of compassion, joy and enlightment. I use to feel this great energy of love and compassion when i was around him. Even now seeing this video of him makes me feel very happy.

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fuzzy shade said...

My god! You know what... apa is going to be really happy to see this. I am downloading it right now and showing it to him. MUAH!

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