Today when i woke up, it was snowing so heavy. Everything looked white. The snow was almost 30 cm thick. I instantly thought I’ll cancel my trip to Eindhoven (to pick up something i needed to pick from some place) but i went anyways. It was nice walking on the show. On one occasion i fell down and landed on my bottom right in the center of the town, which i rather found amusing. I think the embarrassment lasted less than a second. It took me few hours to go though the town and be done with my business. After few train and bus rides, I was instantaneously back in Maas by four.

The sad news is that just few hours ago, I found out that my friend’s dad passed away. I went to her place as soon as I heard the news, hoping to be of some use. It’s a sad cause I can only imagine the pain she’s going though. Sometimes I think I am stupid for not knowing what to do or say when the other person is going though that much pain and sadness. I only hope I made her feel little better when I left her place. She leaves tomorrow. I pray for her safe journey back home.

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