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Today i realize the importance of keeping backup. The thing about laptops (no matter how careful you are) is that it can give problem with booting (you never know). It happened twice with me. The first time it worked but this time around, it didn't.
I've also realized that the worst ICT people would only recommend formatting as a solution to all your problems. That's what I was offered. The thing about formatting is that, you just lose everything, the entire file is gone, the drivers are gone and things don't function properly. Internet wouldn't work because i had no network driver. However, at the end of the day, I’m pleased at the fact that i managed to have all the drivers installed (even without the driver CD) and have Internet back. Once that's done, the other things are pretty easy (illegal downloading).
It’s strange that i don't feel anything about losing all my files (everything). I guess there is just no point in that cause there's nothing i can do about it. On the contrary I feel quite happy that my laptop works properly and more happy with my ingenuity.
moral of the story : KEEP BACKUP!!

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Pema Rinzin said...
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Pema Rinzin said...

thats why you couldnt post the blog for few warm

She Yo En said...

I know what you mean. I faced the same problem more than once. I finally bought myself an 80 GB external drive to keep backup of all my important work - personal and professional.

Just a few days ago I don't know what my older son did; when I got back from my aunt's and switched on my desktop all I got was an idiotic blank stare from the monitor. I went to bed that night pretty mixed up. Didn't know what to think. I had sacrified my laptop to my daughter, who's into civil engineering (2nd year, 2nd semester), so I just had my desktop - my only technology for earning income sitting at home.

Without my knowledge, my husband had got up very early next morning and gone off to collect our very special computer handyman. That was a pleasant surprise and a very thoughtful and loving gesture on the part of my husband, I thought.

My computer's fixed but it still feels incomplete.

tchoden said...

PR>> i will, thanks.

SYE>> its good you got an external drive, those are really useful, i think i have to get one of those too because once your computer breaksdown, it is bound to happen again.

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