I think one emotion we need to do way with is self-doubt, that feeling of ‘I can't do this', 'I suck at this' or 'this is my weakness''. Also the reason why we tend to have self-doubt is because we never made an attempt to see if we can actually do it or due to something external. I mean external because we always tend to compare ourselves to someone or something other than ourselves or because someone said so or indicated it that way. The thing we have to realize is that we know ourselves the best, so what’s the point of letting someone else be the judge of who we are. I also think once we put your mind and hard work into something, anything is possible. There’s no best or worst way of doing something. Each of us has our own interesting way of being or doing things that makes us different from the rest. So how ever we are or how ever we do the things we do, it’s unique and that's a beauty on its own.

Another emotion to be weary of is, worry. Bobby McFerrin couldn't have said it any better, 'don't worry be happy'. Sometimes worrying is good because it pushes you to make things happen but I think worrying about anything in general is just not worth it. Take for example all the assignments I’ve been doing lately. I stayed up untill 3 am in the morning yesterday to get it done by this morning because we had only half a day to finish 15 pages of TM. My German friend (who is the perfectionist in my group) gets too agitated as always and sees a dead end to our paper but amazingly we get it done. I've realized its just no use worrying about things like that cause everything ultimately falls in pieces at the end.

And don't ponder too much about the things you've done wrong in the past. If it’s something good to ponder about, nice but if its the things you wish you would’ve done different, there's nothing much you can do about it. It’s not true when people say having remorse or regret is good. I would say what’s the point? The best you can do is learn from the things you've done which may not necessarily have been the way you would have done them now and move on.

I also think what we need to do away with the bigotry. Apple should shop saying oranges look funny and makes jokes about them and oranges should stop saying apples are snob and foolish. I think what makes this world beautiful, complicated and something to celebrate about is our differences and not the similarities we share. If all of us were oranges, there's nothing much to talk about. Just the other day my friend was telling me that he hope for the Yanki guy not to come to the Serbia trip because he thought he is too loud and stupid. Well I told him that his being there would make the trip even more fun and exciting.

So we have four things we can do away with, self-doubt, worry, regret and intolerance. Its difficult since it’s the part of the package of being a human and having human emotion. One might say that the thing about living and life itself is the regular high and the lows. But at the end of the day if these four things ruin your mental and physical health, it’s just not worth it.

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