When I look back, I think I had the most wonderful English teacher during my ninth and tenth grade. He was from South India and really passionate about his profession. Every Friday we had this thing called ‘personality development’ sessions. So every Friday we carried out range of activities other than the normal syllabi. It was also a competition and it was always fun and fearful since we got to do so many new things. I also remember students from other classes getting a green-eye cause we had such a cool English teacher. He was truly amazing. Also now that I think of it, I think we had the most wonderful English text. It was Shakespeare, poetry and short stories. Everything I love in English literature. What I remember most are the short stories. They were just amazing; the bet, the needle, the man who know too much, the sniper, the face on the wall, the enchanted poll, history lesson, gateman’s gift… These stories were so wonderful, that somehow it’s stuck in my head like a good memory from my childhood.

My Dzongkha handwriting has always been a mess but all that changed during my higher secondary years. I had this really amazing Dzongkha teacher who literarily changed my handwriting from bad to the best (well at least that's what i think). But I certainly need to improve a gazillion on my reading and writing. The funny thing is that my thoughts are bizarrely in English and I always end up putting English words here and there when I speak Dzongkha, it’s awful. You could say I speak Dzonglish and I hate it.

I have always been more found of technical subject. I love math and that’s all because of this amazing teacher from my seventh to tenth grade. I think good teacher have a huge impact on our lives, at least they did in mine. The worst one, i don't really think much about them. Like my history teacher who always said he hated history and history was crab, and he preferred talking more about his broken relationship than he would about history. Now that I think about it, I think he just wasted our time. He was a nice guy though.

I also had teacher who told me 'computer is like a flower' and 'computer is like an ocean'. He was bad but the good thing was that I never forgot the things I learned from my ninth grade computer teacher and that really helped. Our school had brand new computers (it was 1994), most of which had to be thrown away because people put passwords in them. I was really fascinated when he did all the things he did with Ms.DOS (which is a dead language now). But computer is definately one of my favorite subjects even now.

I think I had the worst teachers till the sixth grade. I can’t remember much about any of them cause most of them were mean and I don’t think I learned anything from any of them, seriously! I only remember being scared to get beaten, being scared to ask for permission to go to the toilet and just being scared of everything. It was probably a phase i went through but all that changed when i met the teachers i met later on (some good some bad and some amazing).

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She Yo En said...

I'm pleased that you have memories of your teachers and glad that you did some reflection there on the good things that you learnt. Hope those good lessons help shape up your life as you proceed with your life's journey. Some of my memorable lessons are those activities carried out beyond the academics.

I must thank you for your post because it has actually given me a brilliant idea on a research I could do.


Lobxang said...

Beautiful Piece!
I remember the short stories you mentioned. I used to like them very much. I still do.
These are some powerful stories.

Keep writing.

tchoden said...

SYE: since you spend 15 or 16 years of your life with them, they do make a huge impact in your life. I have wonderful memories of my teachers and i'm grateful to each and everyone of them. And good luck for your research :)

Lobxang: I guess we studied the same text. I don't see those text used anymore. Ya i agree, those were really powerful stories.

Pema Rinzin said...

hi tc, i so much miss those short stories and poems. they still are my favourites...i feel nostalgic even as i write this.. what a good english curriculum we had then... i still vividly remember those stories.. i just can't pick one out as my favourite.. all were very great... tkc.

tchoden said...

Pema: its amazing to see how so many of us have really found memories of those text. Glad to share the same sentiments :)

Anonymous said...

yea i even have best memories of the teachers who had great impact on me...

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