Things I remember as a kid

Staring at the sun and feeling the warmth on my face,
Watching the rain drip from the roof. It feels like you’ll flying up,
Playing rubber band between two polls and having the best time of my life,
Eating chewing gum worth 10 bucks (that’s 40) and not being about to move my jaws the next day,
Stapling the nail on my thumb because I was sure that the staple would not penetrate the nail (I was wrong),
Cutting my upper eyes with our neighbours’ gate and pretending it did not hurt or I didn’t know about the blood oozing away when I went home,
Running stupidly into a nail,
Being nearly bitten by a dozen of our neighbors’ dogs when I was happily running home,
Being amazed at the handkerchief rat that jumped out of my teachers’ hand. For a long time I thought that was magic,
Being clueless in grammar classes,
Having crush on my chemistry teacher because he smelled so nice. I also scored the highest in his subject
Copying from my desk mate only to find all his answers were wrong,
Cello taping my breast cause I was too embarrassed,
Not having a clue when I had my first period,
Banging into things every now and then. Once the injury was so bad that it made my cousin cry because she thought I was a purple monster,
Breaking million and one things because I thought I could save time by carrying everything at once.

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She Yo En said...

Cool! Reminded me of my own childhood. The Age of Innocence ...

You might like to watch 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' of a man aging backwards. Directed by David Fincher. Theme: "Age is only a number, and that we as people can choose what we do with our lives, no matter what our age is."

Overview at


tchoden said...

oo, i've seen that movie. Its pretty strange to see a man aging backward to become a baby. Couldn't really buy that, nways the concept and the idea behind it is pretty good.

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