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I feel strangely blue today. It’s probably because of the fact that today is the so called ‘v-day’, I don’t even like spelling the ‘v’ word so I’m just going to say ‘v’. It was probably something invented by one of those card selling companies, like they did Halloween and others. I am told that Santa (the fat guy that goes hohoho in December) is something that the coco cola company came up with in the early 1970s (not too sure about the date). With the red and white he wears, it does make sense. So, they basically came up with the idea of a lovely fat guy going from houses to house on sledge, going down the chimney, dropping presents and all the rest of the things. Now the rest of the world thinks it’s something that has always been there since the beginning of the beginning. Its strange how we make up so many things like that and it becomes a part of us later on, though at the back of our head we know its one big lie. It’s thoroughly confusing when illusions become more real than reality itself. Anyways coming back to now, today is the so called day to be with the person you love. I wonder why the hell you need a day to do that. But it sucks since my husband and I are in two different side of the globe (we share ten hours difference). For people like us, I think it’s a day to be more miserable and miss the person you love even more. For others I guess it’s a wonderful day. So I'll be so gald when today ends.

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