15 mins late

I missed my exam for the last module. The funny thing is that i was so definite that the exam starts at 10am, so in my mind i was 45 mins early when i was 15 mins late. The rule was changed just the other day which i unfortunately did not read cause i was busy studying for the exam. I normally recheck with my friends for the examination time but this time I didn’t. Ironically it turns out i did tell Sarah that it starts at 9. Well when i found out i was late, i just rushed into the examination room but the examiner there (an old lady who apparently doesn't speak English) wouldn't let me in (bloody rule). Well i did everything i could in my capacity to get the exam done on that day. I was so prepared and ready to get it done. I was even locked in a room by my course coordinator so that she could work out on the problem (her idea of shutting me out from information/connection). But somehow nothing got worked out. Well now i just have to take the re-sit which is two months from now. At first i was mad at myself for the sheer stupidity of not asking anyone or checking the course manual twice or even once. But seriously now i'm totally over it. I honestly think that my problems are just too insignificant to be worked out about.
Anyhow my only resolution for this year is to 'experience new thing' so probably this is a good thing; another new accidental experience to add to my list.
These days I’ve just been on deviantart trying to capture spring as much as I can.

pic taken few mins ago

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