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Today my sister sent me an animation she made a long time ago. As always i though it was amazing. The reason why i love her artworks so much is because it’s totally different and creative. These are things she picked up on her own interest and she started it only when she was in her tenth grade. Before that she was as bad as me. Now art is something that comes to her naturally. I guess there are things you can teach yourself without necessarily learning it anywhere, all you need is passion and interest (and a bit of skill). The song is called 'woo hoo' by a Japanese rock band (three girls) called 'the'.

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Sheyoen said...

See! There's so much in our youth and I think we adults generally fail to understand/realize how much they have to offer. If given the right environment and opportunities, there's so much our youth can do (for themselves and for the country).

Hats off to your sister. I hope she pursues her passion and interest.

The other day, on a dance contest (in India) reality show on TV (SONY), they showed a mother who went blind when she was going to deliver her child. She hasn't been able to see her child, but she didn't lose heart. She learnt martial art and dance. Her desire was to perform in a reality show and she got that opportunity on 'Dance India Dance.' The whole thing was so moving, but what one could learn from it is that if you have the will to do something (despite being physically or mentally challenged) you can do it. Even girls and women!!!

tchoden said...

thanks for your kind words :)

The Zombieslayer said...

That is actually pretty cool. I think that song is used in America for car commercials. Forgot which car. Maybe Volkswagen. Or maybe it's phones. I forgot. But I know I heard it before in a commercial.

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