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I’ve over-listened to some band and some songs… I just can’t listen to them anymore (at least for now). I don’t even have the time or patience to see one movie through. I think it’s such a waste of time.

I feel more empathy towards my big boss, he just can’t help being what/who he is. As long as I do what I do and do it great, I don’t think I need to feel intimidation and hesitation from anyone. For now he’s my teacher (of some sort). I’m going to learn tolerance from him.

I don’t think I’ll complain about anything anymore. After all everything we do, we always end up making a bigger trying to solve a mess. Life itself is a messy business. I’ll mind my own business and do what’s right, I hope the other does the same.

It’s not only the end objective of what you do, but how you get it done. I hope what I do will be of some worth/benefit to people who are involved. Despite the interference and interjection, I’ll get it done, for I am not working for an entity or a person but more for myself and what I believe in.

In ten years, I definitely got to think about doing something else (writing a book, opening up an animation studio or a pasta restaurant, photography or anything besides this), a change, a risk. I hope I get sick of playing it safe.

These are strange thoughts popping in my head (for now).

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