the tale of an old man

Everywhere he went, he was known for his warmth, kindness and naive optimism. Nothing bought him down for his was always positive and happy about everything and anything around him. He was well learned in his youth and prime.

At some point of his life, he fell in love and thus he married and settled in a small village. In this village, together with his wife, he raised 8 strong children with all his love and devotion. He provided for them even after each of them got settled, found a job/career, and had their wife/husband, home, car and children. He never let them feel deprived even when he didn’t have enough. These children never knew poverty because of their father’s hard work. He was happy and aspired each of his kids to do way beyond well, good or fine. Such was this old man’s wish when he saw his children face while they were growing up.

As he grew old, one by one, each of his children leaves the village. Some gets married and others find a job. But this didn’t matter because he had his wife, a life partner to live and share his life with. By then they’d seen so much together, they’d been through their highs and lows and they love each other extremely. However, one day faith decides to take her as well. This mother of 8 dies unnoticed. While she lived, she had raised both her kids as well as their kids. Such was her faith. She was there when her children and grandchildren came to this world but now she’s gone, none of them knows. She struggles but there’s no one to hear her voice or see her faint.

Despite the loss, this father of 8 moves on. His granddaughter comes to his rescue and she decides to stay with her grandfather. The old man still has his expectation. So one fine day, the elder son decides to bring his father to the capital. So this old man comes to the town to live with his children. He thinks ‘my kids will finally take care of me’. He lives some few days with his elder son. One day, one of the grandchildren from his elder son tells him ‘grandpa, now you are in the town, you should stay clean and dress up like a town person’. Such was the embarrassment of his grandchildren who’ve not even turn ten.

The old man is soon left to the care of the elder daughter, then the youngest and so on. He moves up and down, settling nowhere in particular. However, the old man decides to say with his favorite son, the second eldest son. This son’s wife however scheme to chase off this old man. So one day she accuses him of a crime unthinkable. The old man cries, his heart broken beyond repair. His son is in the next room while this happens. He doesn’t say anything to make the old man feel better, except ‘I have my own family to think of’. The old man leaves in the middle of the night. Such was this old man’s pain.

Now, he’s back in his village, shamed and heart-broken. His granddaughter tends to him but there’s no healing to a wound that’s cut deep without sores. Despite everything, he has not stopped expecting that his children will one day take care of him. His voice shakes and he breaks down into constant tear when he talks on the phone with his grandson. Such is this old man’s faith. His children feel no shame or remorse for what they’ve done to their father. Ignorantly they think they are right. Everyday, they smile and look at their children’s face hoping the old man’s hope and wishing the old man’s wish when he loved and raised them.

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Anonymous said...

man... that totally sucks.. Its so heart breaking. You give your everything to raise your child, skip meals even, and all they do at the end is turn their backs on you.. sigh...

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