list of six (portal to my world)

six songs in my head
The Verve - love is noise
Crash Test Dummies - mmm mmm mmm mmm
Pearl Jam - the fixer
Robbert Pattinson - broken
empire of the sun - standing on the shore
mgmt - electric feel

six books i've read recently
Micheal Scott - The Alchemyst
Micheal Scott - The Magician
Micheal Scott - The Sorceress
J.K Rowling - the tales of beedle the bard
jamyang khyentse - what makes you not a buddhist
Lobsang P. Lhalungpa - the life of milarepa

six movies i've seen
two for the road
east of eden
the cake eaters
rebel without a cause

six things i'm looking forward to
18th December
new moon
The Necromancer
driving (for real)

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Anonymous said...

Is Rowling's new book any good? Was thinking of reading it

Moni said...

I love that book my Rowling! along with her Harry Potter series!!!♥

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