Yesterday I was telling someone that I do not have this thing about missing home, parents, husband, child, friends, places and anything that people usually and normally miss. Well even as I said those words, it did not sound right. She must have thought I’m this heap of ice without any feeling. I think i was lying when i said those things. However, I do think ideally it would be ideal to not have that sense of attachment to people, places, work, feeling, etc and just live in the moment moving on.

Interconnectivity is the word that i remember from this teaching i attended on Saturday. All lives and things are interconnected, interdependent and interlinked and it’s amazing when you sit back, contemplate and think about these things (starting from a tiny speck to the mighty universe). That’s why our personal problems; be it death, dispute, deadlines, disease or distress is really insignificant and not worth worrying about if you see the bigger panorama.

I was reading some stuff on cosmology, the following lines is something to think about.
"It should be apparent that this incredible process contains within it a distressing paradox: As the world system follows a path to greater material progress, each upward step on the material plane is accompanied by a corresponding downward movement of psychic or spiritual degeneration"

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