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I am starting to wish that i paid more attention to Physic when i was in high school. Quantum Theory, cosmology, black holes, theory of relativity are fascinating though my knowledge on these topics are fussy and so tiny almost at sub-atomic level (making the physic joke). I'm in process of reading this book called 'Stephen Hawking quest for theory of everything' by Kitty Ferguson. The author rightly puts that the book is 'full of paradoxes. In science and with people, things are often not what they seem, and pieces that ought to fit together refuse to do so. You'll learn that beginning may be endings; cruel circumstances can lead to happiness, although fame and success may not .... anywhere we look in our universe, we find that reality is amazingly complex and elusive, sometimes alien, not always easy to take, impossible to predict.'

I think if i had paid more attention to the subject, i would have been able to understand the jelly fishes floating in the air, mechanism of live and death, the beginning of beginning and whole other set of things. For now these are questions in my head. But then again, things on boarder scale apply to things on smaller scale and to understand the macro prospective, its simpler when you understand the micro aspect of it. Thus at some weird point there is similarity as to why countries, neighbors and families don't get along and how our body is this vast universe of flying orbs. I guess in some sense we are this moving ball of energy? I wonder if the things we do under the circumstances we are in is out of free will or something more.

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