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Women are mad creatures. I am one and sometimes (most of the time I should say) I seriously do not understand the things I do, forget women in general. The thing with us is that we tend to read in between the lines (a lot). Like for instance, you may say one thing but we have this tendency of figuring our one and million things out of that the one thing you say. Crazy! But it’s true.

I guess maybe it’s the fact that I understand my own species better, I unintentionally keep my distance from them. I fear them, especially their raw emotion. I don’t know what to do when they get touchy and close. I feel uneasy in situation like that. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe its not. For my behaving like one, I’ve been putting the blame on the hormones.

Another thing I just realized is that I have hardly talked to the person on the other side of my cell, forget my neighbors. Is it work? Is it family? Is it time? I wonder if it’s a good thing not to have those humanly interaction. Men supposedly are ‘social creature’. Sometimes it’s good to get away from all that sortta thing but something nothing or too less of a something makes you question some things inside your cranium, ‘Is it normal?’ but what is ‘normal’ anyways.

People are fascinating, well some of them, not all. Met one earlier today. At some point we were basically talking about deities (out of all things to talk about). I was wondering if such a thing exists in any random places. Apparently they supposedly are. He was also talking about this yogi that lived 3400 years, if such a thing is possible. Apparently he travelled all around the globe under different alias doing wonders, magic and living life. His body was a ray of light, transcendent and magnificent. These are tales told today, some of which are now a myth. But I guess your mind has to be an open book to sink into unusual things as these. Just because you don’t see, can’t touch, smell or hear does not mean its not there. We have this perception and belief that what we see, hear, touch and feel is the truth. Maybe we’re not looking hard enough, maybe we don’t listen or maybe we don’t concentrate hard enough to feel things around us. The possibility of life beyond ours and the possibilities of things beyond what we see, hear and feel is simply facilitating and romantic (in some sense).

For now I’m little less here and little more there

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