murdering smog

I am under constant smog these days. No one seems to talk anything good about the management and any other thing in general around here. I think things are not that bad but with the constant negativity you’re under, you tend to think otherwise. Maybe I am naive and unwittingly optimistic about things with bit too much of an oomph than necessarily required. This ‘optimism’, I’ve started to notice (just some days ago) is starting to fade. I think it has got to do with all the things that are being buzzed here and there. It started on Thursday, 10th June 2010 when I unnecessarily said something unnecessary to someone towards the end of the day. It wasn’t much of anything, but it didn’t feel good. And I am beginning to notice, my ears are starting to work less in process of getting all my creative ideas killed. The only way forward is to listen to what these people are talking around here and nod your head, whether you agree or disagree. One thing I’ve notice about humanity is that no one says anything good behind a person’s back. Its quite pathetic and sad but its true, I don’t know, maybe its some sort of bizarre issue we human have or maybe it’s the only case here. I do sound unnecessarily handicap when I say all these things but sometimes it’s better not to say anything, especially when you’re pouring water in a filled glass. Plus no one listen these day, everyone just wants to talk and ignorantly think that the things coming out of their mouth will save the world (seriously!). I do feel like shaking a body or two and saying, ‘come on, wake up!’ but sometimes I don’t really care much.

For now, I hope that my ego never blinds me and nothing makes me lose my calm and sanity.

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Anonymous said...

living in our own bubble... don't pop others' bubble.some bubbles merge to form a larger bubble, but eventually all the bubbles pop.gah! idiotic rant.

-k140- <3 the smog will clear.

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