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Bit annoyed at the moment though I am acting calm and all that which I tend to do a lot, I mean acting otherwise. Maybe I’m just another quack or my face is not as transparent as it ought to be. But then again, these futile things like this and that, it really doesn’t matter (if you think and think about it). I guess sometimes you learn more and become more of what you are with the huddles you face. If everything had gone according to plan, it would have been just another day but since it has not, I have thing or two to learn about myself, basically how I deal with situations like these. For now I know that things like these won’t shake or break me. I did complain a bit here and there but in less that an hour, I was fine about it. After all there are bigger problems that people face on a day to day basis and seriously it doesn’t make any sense to make a big deal out of things that are insignificant as these. This reminds me, maybe we are the Whos living on a tiny speck.

I’m raving again.

I was just reading an article on HHSR. I was quite surprised to come across those scandals and allegation he faced in the early 1990s. It made me think, that there are things that are misunderstood, like the humanness of supposedly enlightened masters. I have this picture or rather image of them and see them as an embodiment of universal love with nonhuman (almost alien) characteristics, simply put, without desire, greed, anger, begot, judgment and all those negative aspect of being a human. I also think that they probably walk with this glow of aura (or halo) we don’t see. I guess to a normal person (like me), it’s quite disappointing and total breach of trust when succumb with the fact otherwise. I guess these spiritual masters have an image to live upto, not that it matters to them (being enlightened) but it does to the common folks. But sometimes I think I’ll have to be reminded (once again) that it’s the teaching that matters and not the teacher.

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