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I've noticed that as and when we talk positively (genuinely) about people, neighbors, events, whether, work, bosses or any other things, we tend to automatically feel good about these things, even if the situation is otherwise. It’s a healthy exercise you ought to try. Some may call it being totally oblivious to reality, but I think it’s no point focusing on the murky aspect of life, unless you can do something about it. The fact that night turns to day, and shadow turns to night is the best consolation that’s there.

I've started reading SR's "glimpse after glimpse'. I have had this book for years but never really thought about reading it. I think its hard reading books on religion because you just can't read them like any other books. Every line, every sentence is packed with meaning and sometimes it hard to understand or comprehend them. I've started reading GAG few days ago and I am in awe. Unlike other books, this is SR's daily reflection and thoughts.

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