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I think the most simple questions in life are the most difficult to answer. Like, what do you like, what do you dislike... Is it because we’re so much focused on what is going on outside ourselves that we don’t find time to travel inside our head? But then again, the answers to these questions depend on a daily basis. I like to think that everyday I wake up, I’m someone new. You’re never the same person you were yesterday though you have these layers of memories.

‘Memories’, I wonder if that’s all our life is? For now I am in this time and space and it seems like nothing I’ve done or will happen, matters. I wonder if what’s going on inside our head is the so called ‘mind’ or ‘soul’. I do believe in fact that the mind will live on, with or without the physical residue. But its fascination how this body, in a way enable us to do so many things beyond ourselves, but most of the time we don’t and we won’t.

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