Energy hugs are for free

Energy hugs are for free
I get one before I step out of home
Tightly wrapped in the arms
of my daughter who’s seven years old.

Powerful and bone crunching
long and enduring packed
with vitamin and magic
and some fairy dust too.
I'm charged and ready
to start the day ahead.

Energy hugs are for free
I get one when I come back home
Tightly wrapped in the arms
of my daughter who’s seven years old.

She lift me high above the ground
to sooth me from the gloom of gone
the warmth of those embraces
are sinking deep into my pores
I'm wobbly, light and gay
my day feels nicely done.

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Hold your tongue

Be gentle tongue

Don’t speak in anger

For it’s not others you hurt

But rather yourself

So don’t talk in rage 

Don’t speak in spite

Wait a while

Take an out of body tour

And see what’s right.

You said this to yourself a while back

Not to talk in hurt

Not to react to other’s anger

But forgetfulness does set in

when the moment comes

uninvited and sporadic 

Now you’ve lost your peace

Over what’s been said.

Unkind words spoken to others

Is like the sharp blade on two edge

It may hurt others

But it stabs the giver more.

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Wake up song

Million ambassador of morning light
taking care of the dark dispelled room
Uncombed hair, unwashed face
looking' underneath the warm sheets
there's no better place to be
nor an occupation to end this slumber
Every straight road meander
So rest a while, stop a minute
gather the scattered though in your head
Rest and fall back to sleep.

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Blank Sheets

These blank sheets are my friend
They listen with an open arm
they won’t say it’s right or wrong.

To ebb down the storm in me
No conversation will do for me
Words are but too weak to heal.

My thoughts, a torrent of rain
Pouring colors onto the blank sheets
As I write what I wrought
my heart feels overflow.

when words flow into the void
they are no longer a part of me
but something that has past
like the alternation of season.

once again...
these blank sheets,
they are my friend.

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Drip drip
the rain go places
falling & bringing a message
it connects
us to the sky
yet in its place

Found faces
detailed & plastered
taking time
it’s in my mind
like an old friend

A finger snap
cold & stated
marking an end
lets run, be alert
behind the sun
catch the dodging dawn

Drip drip
falls on my window pane
washing the day
blinding my world
so I’ll rest
wait till another day.

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