pasta and fried potatoes

From what people told me, Singapore is a place where everyone who’s anyone with any sort of preference can eat. Being a vegetarian I must say, I had to eat rice and noodles cooked in chicken stew. It’s just a way of adding flavor to the food and I must say it does taste good, but I am not such a big fan of eating animals or insects of any sort. I think they look more graceful and beautiful alive.

While in Singapore a group of us went to the night safari thing they have there. The whole trip was so very confusing because I could hazily see any of the animals because it was a ‘night’ safari. Lala from our group is very much found of animals and she was saying her daughter is crazy about them. Her daughter has a pink pig for pet, which i though was really cool. However I do not understand why she eats them. She has this thing about trying out all sort of different menu (basically cooked/uncooked/half cooked animals and insects) while she’s alive. I wonder how the pet pig feels about this. One can only imagine.

Back home we have this saying ‘a yak dies to be born as the yak herder and the yak herder dies to be born as a yak’. Basically the circle never ends.

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My Favorite Book

This is my favorite lines from Brandon Boyd’s first book ‘White Fluffy Clouds’, I have not read at the moment, only because it was very hard to get a copy though I tried every possible thing.

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Before my son turned I year old, I use to celebrate him getting old very month. Nothing fancy and big but I remembered and made sure that the family celebrated it with a really good tea party or sometimes when I was in mood, a good dinner. He turned 15 months old on Saturday but I realized it only on Sunday. So much so about an enthusiasm dying out.

This is a picture i took on a flight from home. White fluffy cloudes always amazes me.

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new blog

Just few seconds ago, I deleted four of my old blogs which i hardly blog these days, being; "aswethinkweiz" - collection of my so called free verse & poetry, "somesorttart" - where i posted my so called photography, "the art of tshering choden" - where i posted my sister's amazing art work and "a live less lived" - where i wrote 52 chapters of something particularly about nothing (its inspiring to imagine that your life is more interesting than it really is). I think today is a pretty good day to start something new, like this new blog. A lot of things have happened to me since I stopped writing. I got married, had myself a beautiful son. Life can’t be any good than it is now. So this blog will be basically about every other thing in this so called ‘my life’.

Up there is a picture i took on the Santosa trip. The whole thing made me feel like watching a 3-D animation without any story as such and I was marveled by the fact that hologram was actually not the only possibility in star track movies. If my son was five or a little older than that, he would have enjoyed coming to this place. I really couldn't fully enjoy the whole thing, thinking i couldn't share the experience with my son. Anyways it was also something to see the performers trying to bring out enthusiasm from the crowd who neither applauded nor awed.

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