Its been snowing in Maastricht since yesterday. It is cold but also makes you wish you were outside playing. I have to remind myself to get a pair of gloves and some warm clothes. Its a beautiful day!

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ok now

Well the day started confused and tromenting but i am fine now.
I guess despite all the worst things you do in life, you have to forgive yourself, move on and laugh about it (this is really tough but it helps).
I've also learnt some very important lessons in life. There are two things i'm definately not doing anymore from now on.
Problems, it's always better to confront them than to run away from it.

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Black out

Have you every felt like throwing yourself in a river or jumping out of a building to excape from something horrible you've done (without anysense what so ever). That's excately how i feel right now. I won't elloborate into the details of it but i was certainly not myself.
Who was i if i was not me?

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The path i take

The road to school

The road to the farmer

A road to nowhere!

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