It’s amusing to see 'the many ways' to distract ourselves evolve and transcend. With modernization I must say it’s becoming more and more difficult not to get distracted. Despite that, even the simplest thing can be the cause of distraction. For instance, I am not even hungry but I would end up going to the kitchen looking for something to eat. My room is clean but I would end up vacuuming it. Honestly I don’t know why I do the things that I do to waste time. You cannot even blame it on the object of distraction, because you're the one who decides.

Here I am sitting in front of my computer, looking at my empty mail boxes. My book for the next module, ‘Financing Social Protection’ is still left unopened. I’ve borrowed four other books from the library to read for this week but so far I have not. Instead I’ve let the so called ‘nothing box’ get hold of me.

Sometimes we just waste so much time. Well let’s say on an average a person lives for 60 years, which roughly calculates to 525,600 hrs (surprisingly not much). If this person sleeps on an average 8 hrs a day and spend 20 years on schooling, he would be left with 233,600 hrs (so what was the point of all this calculation), well the point is 233,600 hrs is a lot of time if I decided to spend it more cleverly. I could change the world if I wanted to. For now I close my laptop and open my books but its already 12:33 in the morning, so once again i say 'tomorrow'.

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five on my list

Since I love musical, animation and comedy, the five movies on my list will be
1. Singin' in the rain - Gene Kelly at his best and one of the best musical to be made.
2. 12 angry men - my brother recommended this movie. I think it’s one of the best movies ever to be made. A movie need not necessarily be George lucasi (computer generated, green screen, highly produced, maga stars), it just need a good story and rest will follow.
3. Roman Holidays - if you like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck like i do.
4. Howl's moving castle – my sister introduced me to Hayao Miyazaki. His work includes Spirited Away, My Neighbours Totoro and many others which are truly inspirational.
5. Mrs. Pettigrew lives for a day - This is another nice musical I watched recently.

This is hard since there are so many good books. However five books to be inspired from will be
1. The Catcher in the Rye - I was inspired to put pen to paper after i read this book. I wrote almost forty two chapters of something about nothing in particular. The sad thing is that this is one of the few works by J.D. Salinger.
2. The Alchemist – I would say Paulo Ceolho’s master piece. The thing about this author is his simplicity in language and he’s not one of those authors who introduce twenty characters in one page. This is a story that tells you to follow your dreams, "when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true".
Something on the same line would be ‘the secret’ by Rhonda Byrne but i am not too sure about the practical aspects of her message. Wanting something does not make things happen, you have to work towards it.
3. The Coolie - i read this book when i was in the seventh grade. It made me cry so much. It’s one of those books that linger on. A book by Mulk Raj Anand.
4. Tibetan book of Death - one of the most important books to read while you are alive.
5. Fountainhead - i am not much into friction novel but this one was pretty good. This book teaches you about the importance of individualism, at least that's what i though. I think the message of 'individualism' is very important since we live in a society where we can easily get brainwashed by the media, politics and anything external. I think at the end of the day, whatever we do should be not because someone said so, but because we value our own judgement. A book by Ayn Rand.

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Bhutan is facinating

The first thing anyone asks me when i tell them i am from Bhutan is if it's true that getting visa to Bhutan is very expensive and difficult. Apparently they have this misconception about how difficult it is to come to Bhutan.

Yesterday i had few friends come over for lunch. There was this German guy who was not very pleased with Bhutan's 'high value low volume’ tourism policy. Apparently he thinks he's the citizen of the world and that there should not be any barriers between him and where he wants to travel. He has this concept about global community and things like that. He actually came with a bag pack in our apartment. He even told us about his experience of travelling and meeting the masai herders of Tanzania and also something about how his travel there boosted the local industry. However, it’s good that the rest of the people on the table absolutely disagree with him

Well i tell him that the first reason why anyone wants to come to Bhutan is because of it unique culture and rich environment. Now if we don't have that, then we are like the rest of the world and how the policy is a measure to stop the deterioration. Somehow people here seem to be fascinated with where i come from. Not that I blame them because I am pretty fascinated to be where I am from. It’s not even the fact that our capital does not have street lights or the fact that our farmers feed marijuana to the pigs or the fact that television and internet came only in 1999 or the fact that we have acres and acres of untouched lands or the fact that there are only 650 thousand people living in it or the fact that we value happiness above all or the fact we have monarchs who're loved so much by the people (sorry for making you breathless), Bhutan is just fascinating in every possible dimension and I hope it continues to be that way.

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Losar Tashi Delek

I didn't realize it was Losar. The thing about being far from home is you hardly realize what day it is back home. These days I’ve develop this routine of sleeping at 3 and waking up at 10 (sometimes 11 or 12)

Losar use to be extra special when i was kid. During The winter vacation, my family always made it a point to visit our village far East. I had both my great grandparents then, dozens of grandfathers and grandmothers and more than twenty uncles. At one point of time we had five generation in our family living under the same roof (in one of the Losars), something that is considered very special. During the holidays, the house at our village use to be really crowded but that was the beauty and fun of it.

I remember neighbors coming together, playing games, exchanging food and drinks and singing and dancing the night away. Losar use to last for more than a week when i was in village. I remember being served so much food in one plate that there was always something left behind for dinner. We the kids use to entertain, showing off all the dances, songs and stories we learned in school. There was no electricity back then so in the evening we would hear the most fascinating tales from our grandparents which usually starts ‘long long ago…’ and somewhere in the middle there would always be something about the heros ‘crossing the seven seas, the seven ocean and the seven mountains…’. When I think about my childhood, one of the memories I have is that of celebrating losar. So I hope every parents back home makes this losar extra special for their children and family. I hope it’s a time that brings families, friends, neighbours and communities together. I wish everyone Losar Tashi Delek!

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think creative

Besides this I’ve started exploring the creative bit of me. I wish i was gifted with some sort of talent in music, art, photography or something. I don't suppose I have any but I think if i was i would have had so much to offer. Despite being clueless, I’ve started posting some photography on flicker and my so called artwork on deviartart. This has made me take my camera wherever i go. It’s not such a good one with only 4.1 mega pixel and optical zoom 3x. The pictures comes out blurry in the evening and it cannot capture motions. Despite all that i try to make the best out of it. I don't want to get a new one because this one is really close to my heart. It’s something my sister gave me on this really special occasion. So i would not trade it for anything, unless it got broken beyond repair.

I am also bit clueless about Photoshop. I know people who can do crazy stuff there and it sure is handy if you like photo and art manipulation. For now i use picasa 3 for all the picture manupulations. I don't really have a purpose for doing all this but for now its something i like.

photograph: 165 pieces of lentils on kitchen floor

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the last journals

I’ve always been found of writing. Not the structural sort of writing but writing just for the sake or writing. I started keeping journal since high school (not something I do anymore). Going though the so called ‘teenage phase’ a lot of things go through your head. The emotion you feel are extreme and the world you see is a big messed up confusion. I was one confused person I must say, still am. Most of the time you cannot say the things that is going on in your head because there are no spoken words for it and also who do you tell these stuff to. Sometimes speaking is bit too overrated and I think some things are better said when it’s written down especially when it involves the maze in your head.

I think writing about things going on in my head was a big release for me. It was therapeutic because once it’s written down it’s no longer inside you but somewhere out there. When you write something down, it feels like someone or rather something is patiently listening to you and doesn't hold it against you. But the funny thing is I’d burn all those journals at the end of the year. One time I forgot to burn them, so I had four or five of them lying around in my parents’ house. Before setting the last of them on fire, I went through the pages of it and found out that my husband was the first to wish me on my 19th birthday.

artwork 'i don't do journals' by Kuchu

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The first time when I went to college, I was the happiest only because of one reason. I thought my days of sitting for examination were over. I don’t know how I got that naive idea but I’ll blame it on my many uncles. The things they use to tell me about that particular college I went to was fascinating. From what they said (about their experience), I assumed that a college was a place for one big fun and no more worries about examination. So despite travelling six hundred kilometers away from home and being in mids of fog and mist, I was the happiest. I guess no one could really understand the shock and disappointment on my face when I discovered otherwise.

Well here I am, done with college and done with my post-graduation diploma but still doing series of examination after examination. I finally comprehend with the fact that life is a never ending examination. It need not necessarily be the one you take in a classroom with series of questions to answer but with every other thing. Which reminds me I got another exam tomorrow. So wish me luck because I think I’ll need them.

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10 songs i'm listening to

i wanted to add songs from siobhan donaghy and death cab for cutie but those are hard to find.

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OL's blog

link link link

kudos to OL!

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my room-mates

I’ve got three amazing roommates. Alex from Greece, studies Bachelors in International Economics. Right now he’s making a big deal out of his sprained ankles (souvenir from last night basketball game) and walking with crutches
Ester’s from Hungary and does liberal arts. It amazes me to see her do mix of so many odd subjects which I would never think of. Last month it was songs and poetry and this month is hard core law.
Dolly from Nigeria, studies the same subject as me. Well we are one big happy family here at Mergelweg 102.

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being focused & geeks

I think i am full of rubbish for doing what i did. It's something that makes you scream in shame and it’s something i have to put to an end. The funny thing is when you tell yourself, ok i am not doing this or i am not doing that, the thought of that certain thing is always in your head. The more you try not to think about it, to more you end up thinking about it. So what is the solution when you don't want to do something? Well i guess i'll never know but one thing is for sure, i am definitely not doing what i did. I've already taken measures starting from now and also i have this page to remind me to keep myself straight, focused and sane.

Well its weekend and i got exercises from six chapters of econometrics. Sometimes the thing that i am learning here does not make much sense. The whole idea is that i can use whatever i have learned when i head back home. One useful thing that I’ve learned so far is STATA. It’s an amazing programme and i just love it. Despite the fact that i've never heard of it before i think i am doing pretty good and there are people here who knows nothing much about it. Anyways i've learned that geeks here are pretty snobbish, in a sense that they tend to put other people down quite a lot (i can't understand the thing about them wearing glasses). I am friends with most of them but i think i certainly don't like the way they are when it comes to thinking they know it all. Most of the time they are full of rubbish and they tend to be too stubborn on their thinking. I could try to convince them otherwise but their minds are pretty much made up. Anyways one day (probably when they are at their 40s or 50s), they will realize how full of shit they were.

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Being a Buddhist, it is important to know the art of meditation. But I don't think I know much about the practical aspects of it. There is a German in my class who seem to know more than i do and it’s something he does daily.
i always thought meditation involves deep concentration or focus on an image or an object but it is totally the other way round. It is more of freeing your mind and letting go as Sogyal Rinpoche calls here 'the natural striptease'. The way Rinpoche explains it here, it seems more doable.

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my bad advice

A little while ago i spend some hours talking to my friend. Apparently he feels confused about having an affair with another girl. Despite the fact that he still loves his girlfriend, he went on doing what he did. Not that I blame him cause they’re having this thing called the ‘long distance relationship’ which is pretty common here. He is still friend with the other girl, who i might say is a wonderful person. He even avoids meeting her for the fear of doing something wrong again. Despite all that when he tells me about how he met his girlfriend nine or ten years ago, I think what they have is pretty strong.

In the past he was honest enough to tell her about his infidelity and no surprise she did not take it well. Even now things get heat up because she always tend to remind him of the certain wrong thing he did in the past whenever they have a fight. But I tell him not to tell her about the recent affair he’s had. I mean honestly, some things are better kept to yourself. I can’t understand why the past should hunt you anyways. The past has no shape or form. It’s only a memory and memories are like a dream. Unless one feels attached to the memory and makes a big deal out of it. He tells me he’s not crazy to do something as stupid as that.
I guess it’s pretty hard to forgive something like that once you know about it but I think people should move on anyways. Honestly human emotions are way too complicated.

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make your contribution

I contributed eight pictures to Bhutan Observer today. Our king's birthday is just around the corner and BO will be creating this amazing poster of HM from millions of Bhutanese faces. It'll be nice to be one of those faces. I think Bhutan is blessed to have wonderful monarchs. I just love my kings to the core. Well if you are a Bhutanese and if you want to make your contribution to this amazing poster, send in your pictures to lobzangdorji@bhutanobserver.com.bt

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I feel pretty homesick and depressed these days. I think I’ve been in this place too long. But i guess another six months would go by pretty quickly. ‘Time is relative’ so they say.

Today was the first day in school after a long holiday. Everyone was looking very pleased to see one another going 'hi, how are you, happy new year, how was the holidays…'. Something i just hate being around that sortta situation. Well if i talk about my holidays, it basically involved me getting up at noon, watching too much movies and basically doing nothing. Not that i complain but now that's over, i wish i would have worked more on my thesis, learned a bit of Japanese, travelled more or done something extraordinary. To cheer myself up, i met up with my friend and we went to watch a movie. Nothing like being with a good friend and having a good time. The world feels more merrier now.

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Nyoshel Khen Rinpoche

Today i feel really happy because i came across this link on youtube. I have very fond memories of Nyoshel Khen Rinpoche who (when i was kid) use to live above our apartment. We use to live in this place where many of great Buddhist teachers were our neighbors. I remember him giving us sweets and other goodies whenever he saw us outside. My brother use to fake crying outside his window just so that he would get something. He was also my teacher. Nyoshel Khen is an embodiment of compassion, joy and enlightment. I use to feel this great energy of love and compassion when i was around him. Even now seeing this video of him makes me feel very happy.

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Today when i woke up, it was snowing so heavy. Everything looked white. The snow was almost 30 cm thick. I instantly thought I’ll cancel my trip to Eindhoven (to pick up something i needed to pick from some place) but i went anyways. It was nice walking on the show. On one occasion i fell down and landed on my bottom right in the center of the town, which i rather found amusing. I think the embarrassment lasted less than a second. It took me few hours to go though the town and be done with my business. After few train and bus rides, I was instantaneously back in Maas by four.

The sad news is that just few hours ago, I found out that my friend’s dad passed away. I went to her place as soon as I heard the news, hoping to be of some use. It’s a sad cause I can only imagine the pain she’s going though. Sometimes I think I am stupid for not knowing what to do or say when the other person is going though that much pain and sadness. I only hope I made her feel little better when I left her place. She leaves tomorrow. I pray for her safe journey back home.

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Happy New Year

A very very Happy New Year to Everyone! I hope and pray that the year 2009 is the year for happiness, peace and prosperity all around the globe. I hope people acquire new wisdom and compassion for all fellow being. To my friends and family, i wish you adventure, new experience, happiness and good health. To the leaders around the world, i wish you strength, compassion and wisdom to make a positive difference in this world.


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