a song for you

Do you see me now
A waddling fool
Swirling my arms around
This is a song for you.

Pluses running through headphone
Drowning like a drizzle
Sinking like a current
You creep in
You lulled me to dream.

Waltzing comet
As seen from outer space
Arms beneath my head
Watching a cosmic boogie
I remember & whistled
a song for you.

from my anthology collection
(something i wrote for my husband)

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random thoughts and book

I've noticed that as and when we talk positively (genuinely) about people, neighbors, events, whether, work, bosses or any other things, we tend to automatically feel good about these things, even if the situation is otherwise. It’s a healthy exercise you ought to try. Some may call it being totally oblivious to reality, but I think it’s no point focusing on the murky aspect of life, unless you can do something about it. The fact that night turns to day, and shadow turns to night is the best consolation that’s there.

I've started reading SR's "glimpse after glimpse'. I have had this book for years but never really thought about reading it. I think its hard reading books on religion because you just can't read them like any other books. Every line, every sentence is packed with meaning and sometimes it hard to understand or comprehend them. I've started reading GAG few days ago and I am in awe. Unlike other books, this is SR's daily reflection and thoughts.

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don't stop believing

A great song to start the day/week... nothing beats music/bands from the 1980s

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random thoughts

I think the most simple questions in life are the most difficult to answer. Like, what do you like, what do you dislike... Is it because we’re so much focused on what is going on outside ourselves that we don’t find time to travel inside our head? But then again, the answers to these questions depend on a daily basis. I like to think that everyday I wake up, I’m someone new. You’re never the same person you were yesterday though you have these layers of memories.

‘Memories’, I wonder if that’s all our life is? For now I am in this time and space and it seems like nothing I’ve done or will happen, matters. I wonder if what’s going on inside our head is the so called ‘mind’ or ‘soul’. I do believe in fact that the mind will live on, with or without the physical residue. But its fascination how this body, in a way enable us to do so many things beyond ourselves, but most of the time we don’t and we won’t.

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